Level 2: Delivery mode specific standards

The BOLD Standards Framework (Draft) (PDF, 238kb) is segregated into four levels from broad good teaching practice principles at level 1, through to specific practice models at level 4, all underpinned by a layer of support and practical tools and guidelines provided by CLIPP.

Conceptualising Online Delivery as Continuum (PDF, 113kb) from none at all to wholly online can help teachers identify where their online practice currently is and where they want to get to.

The Delivery Mode Specific Standards (PDF, 380kb) table (below) highlights elements to be included in an online course segmented according to delivery mode (face-to-face, blended and wholly online). A tick indicates which elements are to be included in online courses as a minimum as well as outlining additional features for improved blended and online delivery.

It is important to note that while wholly face-to-face delivery is represented in this table this mode of delivery does not fall under the BOLD learning delivery umbrella. The table can be used to help identify where current practice is and what is required to move towards BOLD delivery.

Find out more information about this elements on the pages listed below:

  1. General course content and activities
  2. Learning resources
  3. Individual learning activities
  4. Group learning activities

A screenshot of the Delivery Mode Specific Standards (PDF, 380kb)

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