BOLD learning

The Learning and Teaching Plan 2015-2017 (PDF, 190kb) outlines a strategy to enhance Blended On-Line and Digital (BOLD) Learning across Federation University Australia. For more information on what is involved in BOLD learning and how to implement it in your practice, please view the plan and see the BOLD Standards Framework document below.

BOLD Standards Framework

The BOLD Standards Framework (PDF, 101kb) aligns to Priority 1.6 of the Learning and Teaching Plan (2015-2017): to establish minimum and exemplary practice standards for blended and online learning.

This framework prescribes broad, technology agnostic, standards which put the emphasis on pedagogy before technology. The framework addresses the need for the development of templates, guidelines and exemplars to provide specific methodologies for meeting the prescribed standards. At the same time room is provided for customised interpretation of the standards to fit the needs of individual schools, subject areas or teaching styles, allowing for innovation and use of different technologies.

The BOLD Standards Framework is segregated into four levels from broad good teaching practice principles at level 1, through to specific practice models at level 4, all underpinned by a layer of support and practical tools and guidelines provided by CLIPP.

You can find a breakdown of these levels within the pages below: