Online course layout and setup guidelines

Setting up your Moodle / VET Moodle online course presence for layout, usability and accessibility

It is important to remember that as well as being a great learning tool, Moodle is also fundamentally a web page and as such some of the basic rules of usability need to apply. It is also important to ensure that students are given sufficient instruction to enable them to work out where they need to go and what they need to do in your course.

We have created Moodle course design guidelines that focus on:

  • Usability/ accessibility
  • Navigation
  • Instructional design

Instructional design in terms of your Moodle course is about the layout, navigation and basic instructions you give your students. Like the administrative features, guidelines around instructional design aspects are not about prescribing a certain way of teaching online, but are about ensuring that you structure and present your online course in a way that is likely to help your students' access material and navigate their way around your course without confusion. It is also about being mindful of the technology aspects such as student's bandwidth and download capacity. Essentially this is about the usability and accessibility of your course as it is presented as a web page.