Blended Delivery

A blended course combines face-to-face elements such as lectures and tutorials with some online learning elements. Blended courses should include more content/activities to support learning than typical face-to-face courses. What types of content/activities are chosen and how they are implemented will depend on the desired learning outcomes and how this can be integrated with the face-to-face elements. 

LINK: A short explanation of the potential of blended learning 

Minimum Features:

  • Basic course information, such as the course outline.
  • Basic communication forums:- News forum (used effectively for teacher-to-student communication and announcements) - Common Room (or General Course Questions/ Discussion) forum (available for student-to-teacher and student-to-student communication)

Additional Administrative Features & Content:

  • Additional Content: lecture notes, readings and the like.
  • Online Assignment Submission.

Additional teaching/learning activities:

The extent of the 'blend' used will depend on many things such as the content being delivered, the desired learning outcomes and the degree and nature of the face-to-face teaching component. 

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers 

For a quick and easy to understand overview of how you can use different features in Moodle to achieve different learning outcomes for students, refer to the Moodle 2 Tool Guide for Teachers developed by Joyce Seitzinger.