CLIPP formed in June 2011 as a result of the University of Ballarat Blueprint Restructure. It was a new entity which encompassed many of the functions of previously existing University centres/units across the higher education and VET domain including the TAFE Development Unit (TDU), the Institute of Professional Organisational Learning (IPOL), Student Learning Skills Unit and the Learning Environment Web Services team (LEWS).

As of June 2014, CLIPP has had a new leadership structure with clearly defined exciting initiatives and services available to the wider Federation University audience. These initiatives include support for institutional-wide higher education and VET professional development which underpins student-centred learning and teaching approaches. CLIPP are keen to focus on professional development delivery modes, availability, timeliness and targeted approaches which meet the ongoing professional development needs of staff within faculties/centres.

The functions of CLIPP (outlined in the CLIPP Operational Plan (PDF, 557kb) and Service Charter (PDF, 76kb)) have been strategically aligned to the Federation University Charter (2015), the Learning and Teaching Plan 2015 - 2017 (PDF, 190kb) and the eLearning Vision (May 2013) and associated documents. CLIPP initiatives consider best practice and use of innovation and technology enabling strategies within learning and teaching practices and how best to support these systems in a reliable and transparent manner.

CLIPP aims to foster strong ongoing partnerships and engagement with faculties/centres in both the higher education and VET domain. CLIPP is an active participate in governance related matters including influencing policy, procedure and guideline development to ensure consistency across the institution and provide a variety of support for key stakeholders including content, resource development and design support materials. CLIPP is accountable for its practices and meeting reasonable timelines/targets/milestones in the context of its functions as a University centre and as a support to faculties/centres.

CLIPP plays an essential function to students by coordinating key student support services throughout the entire lifecycle of the student encompassed within the Student Futures Program. These support initiatives include the Mentor Program, Peer Assisted Student Sessions (PASS), Studiosity, promote student involvement in the student leadership programs and more recently, informal support via the ASK program.