Moodle templates, tools and guidelines

School and faculty Moodle course templates have been developed to respond to the need identified by students for consistency in presentation, organisation and navigation of their Moodle learning sites.

Using the standardised administrative course components laid out in the templates for all courses gives students a consistent experience for these very basic course information/functions, at the same time allowing for an individual teacher to make choices in pedagogy and modes of delivery. 

Each faculty has slight variations of the template, as a result, it is best to discuss this with the school or faculty eLearning advisors.

Customised Moodle templates and icons

There is a range of template options and icons sets available for staff to use, similar to the examples below.

Template sample

The below example is for illustrative purposes only. If you would like to add weekly images to your Moodle course, to support the single topic view layout, please feel free to contact CLIPP.

Sample Moodle course screenshot

Icon sets*

Sample Moodle activity icons

*Note: This example is extracted from a full icon set. CLIPP has a full set of Moodle icons which are available for all staff use on request.

If you require additional school-specific navigation template images or activity-based icon sets, please contact CLIPP.