Progress bar

The progress bar is a new tool (block) integrated into the FedUni Moodle environment as part of the completion tracking suite. The visual nature of this element can assist students with their time management and course completion. By providing proximal learning analytics within Moodle, staff can identify 'at risk' students without the need to generate reports or access other systems.

Research by Moodle developers (de Raadt & Dekeyser, 2009) has found that students enjoy the obvious indication of their progress through the course and are motivated to see the entire bar in a state of green/completion. Features shown in this block can be customised for individual courses.

The progress bar has the ability to track all Moodle content and activities, with the exception of labels. However, the progress bar works best when only key items are tracked, as this makes it much easier for the student to monitor their progress.

Progress Bar