Customise Dashboard

Whilst the Navigation block will always contain available courses that you are associated with, the Dashboard, (located at the top of the My Classes menu), can be customised to help you find what you need quicker. Usually you will only require access to current courses. Customising your Dashboard allows you to reorder and safely hide completed courses from your main view. You can also choose which blocks are available on this page

Example of Dashboard.

My Home example picture

To customise the view

  1. Click Customise this page button in the top right hand corner to make changes to the default view.
    Customise this page button
  2. Ensure that the Number of courses to display is set to Always show all.
    Number of courses to display, all
  3. Move courses, by clicking and holding the move icon (cross) Drag handle, located in the top left of each course box, and dragging the courses into the order you want. Place the most frequently used towards the top of your list.
    Dragging courses into new order
  4. After placing the courses in the order required, change the Number of course to display to match the number you wish see. Moodle will now only display the top number of items you have selected.
    Number of courses menu, set to new number
  5. Note: The number of hidden courses will appear at the bottom of the list. To reveal these courses, simply repeat the above steps, or click Show all courses. All available courses are always shown within the Navigation block and in My Classes.
    Hidden courses link

  6. Once you are happy with your customisations, click the Stop customising this page button, top right.
    Reset and stop buttons

To add blocks to your page

  1. Ensure you have clicked Customise this page to enable editing of the default view
    Customise this page button
  2. Locate the ADD A BLOCK dialog box on the lower right of the screen. You may need to scroll down the page.
  3. Click the drop down menu and select the required block.
    Add a block drop down menu
  4. Drag the newly created block to its new location by clicking and holding its drag handle, Drag handle icon and dragging it to where you require.
    Dragging a block to its new location
  5. Once you are happy with your customisations, click the Stop customising this page button.
    Reset and stop buttons

Note : Should you wish to return your Dashboard to its default settings, click the Reset page to default button.