Working with blocks

The Moodle course page is divided into three columns: the topic outline column in the centre, and the two block columns on the left and right.

Blocks appear in the left and right hand columns of your Moodle course page, and give you and your students access to useful Moodle features. You can choose which Blocks you want to appear in your course, and in which order you want them to be. It is a good idea to turn off Blocks you don't want your students accessing, and move the most important ones to a more prominent position.

Important Note: Some blocks, such as the navigation and administration blocks are fixed. You will not be able to be move or delete these.

To remove a block

  1. Click the cogs icon on the block you want to remove and then click Delete <block name>.

Menu showing delete block option

Tip: If you wanted to be able to easily access a particular block but hide it from students, you could just click Hide <block name>.

To add a block

  1. From the Blocks Add drop-down list select the block you want to add.

List of available blocks

  1. The Block gets added to the bottom of the column. You can then move it to a higher profile position.
  2. Common Blocks

    For more information on what individual blocks are used for see the documentation

Note: To add a Contact block it is a customized HTML block in the list of available blocks.

To move a block

  1. Click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Click and hold on the header area of a block and drag it to its new location.

To dock a block

  1. From the top right of the block, click the box with an arrow within it.

    highlighted button to dock block

  2. The block will now move to the left hand side of the page. Hovering your mouse cursor over the name of the block will make it expand.
  3. To un-dock a block, hover your mouse cursor over the block to expand it and then click the same box with arrow. The dock will return to its original position.
  4. Docked Block Expanded. Undock button highlighted

  5. To un-dock all blocks click on the button in the bottom of the docked blocks bar.
  6. Blocks Undock All