Add a forum

To add a forum

  1. In a topic, click the Add an activity drop-down list and select Forum. Or click Forum from the new Activity chooser

    activity_forum_0 Image displaying how to select Forum tool from the activity pop-up
    Add activity drop down                        Activity chooser pop-up

    General settings

  2. In the Forum name field, enter a descriptive name for the forum.

    Important: Students should be directed towards the student guidelines for online forum etiquette. It is a good idea to include a link to this in any forum introduction.

  3. In the Forum Description field, enter instructions for your students on how to and what to use the forum for.

    General Settings

  4. From the Forum type drop-down list select the type of forum you are setting up. The default setting is the most common type. For information on the different types of forum available visit this link. Different forums in Moodle
  5. In the Maximum attachment size drop-down list select the maximum file size for each file that students can upload to the forum.

    attachment settings
  6. Select the Maximum number of attachments for a single forum post.
  7. In the Subscription mode drop-down list select the subscription type you want. The best option for this is Auto Subscription. This subscription option subscribes all members initially, but gives students the option to unsubscribe themselves.
    subscription and tracking settings
  8. If you need to restrict your students from posting after a given number of posts configure the Post threshold for blocking settings. For example, to prevent students from making all their posts in the last week of semester, you could limit the number of posts to three per week.

    Post blocking

    If you want to grade posts, choose:
    The Aggregate type, such as Average, or sum, for combining the final grade.

    The grade scale from 1 – 100, or using the Separate and Connected ways of knowing scale ( ) You can also create your own scale for rating posts. For more information on doing this see:

    If you want to restrict ratings to posts within a date range, you also need to click the check box and set the start and end dates.
  9. Using the Ratings settings you can choose to grade posts similar to assignments and have those grades entered into the gradebook. However you will probably find it less time consuming to calculate grades based on an activity report and enter a participation grade into the gradebook by creating an offline activity.

    rating posts
  10. You can safely ignore all subsequent settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page click Save and return to the course, or Save and Display.
  11. Note: Only roles with permission to rate may do so. This does not include other students.

    For more information and useful tips on setting up forums and fostering participation and a sense of community visit the documentation site: