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To present information based on content.

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Learning resources

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Two key requirements of designing online learning delivery are to select high quality learning resources and to carefully plan how the resources are organised and presented to students within the online environment.

  • All components of a course, both online and offline, should be part of an integrated learning design. Course information should clearly specify subject matter to be covered, skills to be developed and learning methods to be used, and navigation and access to all resources should be simple and clear.
  • Resources should support knowledge building activities within the course, informed by the course learning outcomes and focused around enabling students to achieve them.
  • Study materials need to be monitored for currency and relevance, for compliance with all relevant copyright regulations and licence agreements, and for their accessibility to all students including those with disabilities.

Audio/video lecture style content

The provision to online students of lecture content in audio or audio-visual form has some perceived benefits. These include providing students with options to:

  • Access study materials in their own time and at their own pace
  • Create, review and revise notes
  • Revisit complex ideas and processes
  • Pick up on things they missed in class, including announcements and assessment tips
  • Engage more intensively with understanding and interpreting lecture content (particularly where the teacher speaking or the student listening is not a native speaker of English).

However there are some equally clearly recognised challenges to be considered by online teachers when deciding how to organise and present lecture-style content, including persuasive evidence that students do not engage effectively with content presented as extended lectures in audio-visual format.

For more information and practice tips for overcoming these challenges, see Tips for designing effective educational videos.

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