SCIP - Strategic Capital, Infrastructure and Projects

The department of Strategic Capital, Infrastructure and Projects (SCIP), through its stringent processes and procedures, ensures that the University safeguards itself from adverse exposure to 'risk' which usually is associated when delivering new initiatives, commonly in the form of a 'project'.

Managing all aspects of a project's life-cycle from the outset mitigates the level of risk to the University; this can only be achieved by co-ordinating all aspects of a project in a methodical and calculated manner.

SCIP endeavours to realise ambitions by; 'helping the University achieve your projects goals'. We manage and oversee up to 50 projects at any point in time. To view the current projects, please refer to our Current projects webpage.

SCIP is your source of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution. Please feel free to contact us for any matters relating to new project proposals, current projects or archived projects.

Andrew Segrott

(Acting) Manager
Strategic Capital, Infrastructure and Projects

Phone: +613 5327 9959