Past projects

A small selection of projects successfully completed within single departments or with collaboration among discrete departments of the University.

3W-210 Laboratory re-development

In 2014 Federation University Australia was awarded $2.3M in EIF funding to refurbish and upgrade analytical equipment for carbon and biomass capture. In 2015, FedUni was approached by the CO2CRC in regards to its allocation of $2.7M as part of the $5M allocated to the Latrobe Valley (LV) for Education Infrastructure Funding. FedUni intends to use its funds of $2.3M for the creation of a PCC (Post Combustion Carbon Capture) Analytical Laboratory.

Completed October, 2015.

Enterprise Service Bus

The ability to provide accurate, timely program information across the University is critical to ensure partners can communicate their offerings of our education services to the market. This initiative will provide an 'electronic data service' for all relevant program information that can be accessed by partner systems as well as offer vast flexibility for the ITS department to design and control data services for all applications and systems.

Completed April, 2016.

FedUni signage

The provision of professional and accurate signage will lead to improved access to on-campus facilities and services. This directly links to the University's aim of providing a quality tertiary education experience that inspires our students to succeed. Professionally-designed signage will not only serve to provide a very practical purpose but will also add to the student experience by assisting to create a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Completed February, 2016.

Learning content repository

Equella is a learning content repository being implemented to act as a repository for a variety of learning and teaching materials as well as copyright, research and asset control mechanism for library resources. These will integrate closely with Moodle to offer users a more seamless experience in accessing and controlling content throughout the university.

Completed April, 2016.

Tree of Knowledge safety upgrade

Originally scoped as a bridge replacement, the scope was increased to allow for recommendation made in the Tree of Knowledge safety review. This project will be constructed from materials collected from our very own University recycle program, and the recycled product was manufactured here in Ballarat.

Completed October, 2015.

Virtual classroom BOLD

The project aims to assess Adobe Connect and associated productivity tools, and video-conferencing technologies in a broad range of: Learning and teaching scenarios, academic and library support services, student-to-student peer learning and support, social support services, staff professional development activities and implement the preferred solution to meet these business needs.

Completed April, 2016.