Current projects

1W Student HQ

Campus toilet improvements (Mt Helen)

Improvements to toilet facilities across the Mt Helen Campus. Funded for 2016, however program for 6 years has been proposed to Steering Committee upgrading 21 toilet locations across the campus.


CRM is to explore and validate the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application within the university to improve prospective student follow-up and enable self-service of common questions.

FedUni Greener Buildings Program

The Greener Buildings program will install energy saving infrastructure to reduce utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions for the University. These infrastructure changes will help achieve a target in the University Charter (pdf, 1.8mb) to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 5% per annum. The total cost of the program is $ 2.75 million and the project should be completed in 2016.

Campus Infrastructure item Implementation date
Mt Helen Hallway lighting upgrades 2015 and 2016
  LED carparking lighting Mid-2015
  LED outdoor flood lighting Late 2015
  Variable speed drives (VSD) on HVAC pumps Early 2015
  Gas boiler replacement program 2015 and 2016
  Building control optimisation Late 2014
Horsham 70 kw solar power system Early 2015
  LED downlights and LED carpark light upgrade Mid-2015
  Replacement chiller Late 2015
  Building automation system Late 2015
SMB LED downlight and LED outdoor flood light upgrade Mid-2015
  VSD on pumps Early 2015
Camp St LED downlight and LED outdoor flood light upgrade Mid-2015
  VSD on pumps Early 2015

Mt Helen Master Plan Improvement

Works include: C Building Refresh (2015), S Building Activation (2015), Ground Floor Student Commons (2016), Ground Floor Awning (2016), Meeting Point Star (2018).

Online credit precedence

This project is to implement functionality to enable a prospective student to see what credit they will receive for previous study results against a specific course, and to have the credit applied at the time of application.

PeopleSoft Systems Upgrade (PSU)

The objective of the PeopleSoft Systems Upgrade (PSU) is to improve the delivered functionality of Campus Solutions by adding new features and redeveloping the existing functionality so it can be used effectively for both higher education and VET sectors.

Relocation of Building & Design

A project to relocate Building & Design at SMB to make way for the Flecknoe refurbishment.

Relocation of Centre for Gippsland Studies

A project to relocate the Centre of Gippsland Studies to the Gippsland Campus Library.

Relocation of Visual Arts

A project to relocate Visual Arts at SMB to make way for the Ballarat Tech School project.

Research Management System

Implementation of a new Research Management System - IRMA.

SCCM & Windows 10 SOE

System Center Configuration manager simplify's the management and migration of existing devices to Win 10 SCCM manages the deployment of system updates and endpoint virus protection. Microsoft SCCM will become the platform for Federation University to manage the deployment of the new Windows 10 SOE for students while enabling "BYOD" Bring Your Own Device alternative models for device deployment & management.

ServiceNow implementation

Implementation of an application to enable a more service-centric initiation and flow of ITS service requests. The project will also direct change of internal processes to align ITS staff and processes towards best practice and greater efficiencies. Implementation of the knowledge base will create the foundation for a single point of self-service information across the university.

Student placement system

The professional experience / placement of students during their studies happen within a number of Faculties. Currently each Faculty has independent sources of data-gathering repositories - anything from a spreadsheet to a simple database. The implementation of a single application for all Faculties is being instigated, and delivered for use, with integration into other corporate applications.

Travel management system (TMS)

A project to implement a new travel management system, Concur.

Video content platform

A joint CLIPP/ SCIP project was identified for the purpose of identifying, selecting and implementing an appropriate range of technologies to enable the capture and publication of educational video content with capacity to support a variety of video tasks and requirements across the university.