Current projects

Ballarat Tech School

The establishment of a new Tech School at SMB Campuses' MB John building (K). A government initiative.

Berwick 1B Construction

Modification works to buildings 901/902/903 to provide additional teaching spaces and office accommodation

Campus Solutions Upgrade v9.2

Campus Solution application upgrade to 9.2 is an oracle support and maintenance requirements as Oracle will stop supporting 9.0 version in next few years. Furthermore, this application upgrade will modernise the look and feel, improve work flow processes and will provide added functionality that would not only attract student attention but also it would help improve the user experience. This project will provide a comprehensive application upgrade, based on the current state of the application and followed by PeopleSoft Enhancement projects in which additional functionalities will rollout i.e. Program Enrolment for Higher Education students with FLUID look and feel.

Campus toilet improvements (Mt Helen)

Improvements to toilet facilities across the Mt Helen Campus. Funded for 2016, however program for 6 years has been proposed to Steering Committee upgrading 21 toilet locations across the campus.

Digital Student Data Platform (My eQuals)

Digital Student Data project is an external cloud platform part of a 47 ANZ University group to streamline, verify and centralise academic records online for the first time. New strategies can be designed with this new platform regarding provision of academic transcripts and with a connection to an international network, as well as domestic, will also offer quality and integrity checking for the admissions process, always accessible to the student as they move between institutions if required.

Email and Voice Upgrade

The Microsoft Suite User Experience program of works aims to establish an environment where all users have access to a comprehensive suite of standardized software and services running on devices that are capable of supporting a user's computing needs. The bundle of technologies is a critical element of the transformation of the university's digital experience and productivity enhancement for all users, both students and staff.

eReading Process Improvement

The delivery of a SAAS service to manage the delivery of eReadings to students and academic staff. This project will involve the completion of a proof of concept with eReserve Plus. Pending a successful outcome, the system will be implemented as a replacement to the current system Equella.

This project seeks to:

1. Address the current supportability concerns of Equella while delivering organisational efficiencies through the reduction in administrative tasks for library and academic staff.

2. Reduce infrastructure, support and maintenance costs through the implementation of a cloud based, vendor managed service.

3. Underpin the BOLD implementation by moving to a solution better suited to support the management and provision of electronic learning materials.

Facilities Services Alerts Notifications Initiative

Facilities Alerts Notification Initiative and the FS Process Transformation. Work is done in kind.


Deployment of a web based system that will enable Researchers and HDR students to save, share and collaborate on research data and non-traditional research outputs during and after research projects have completed

Flecknoe Building Refurbishment

The intent of the project is to enhance the existing and potential collaborations between business, industry, government agencies and FedUni TAFE. It would put the University into a position where it could replicate industry-academic partnerships in the TAFE sector such as the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute, where the Institute employs post graduate students, shares scientific staff with the University and works with the University on common plans. The redeveloped building will support start-up enterprises and small businesses with a skills and technology focus, networked with the Technology Park at the Mt Helen Campus and within the Ballarat central business district, and in the process provide employment and skills development opportunities for FedUni TAFE students and graduates.

Gippsland Hi Tech Precinct

Project will establish an innovation building to provide pathways from education to industry.

Idea and Demand Enhancement Project (ServiceNow)

Digitalise the manual the current brief and prioritization process of University ideas/issues/needs by using ServiceNow Idea & Demand Management features to - capture, manage, prioritize and transition into project or BAU deliveries - relating to IT, physical and research. This functionality will be delivered through a Service Portal.

RALPH (Re-Alignment of Legislative PeopleSoft High Priorities)

(RALPH) Project started to facilitate and deliver on the legislative necessities, while re-priorities the PeopleSoft projects in conjunction with S&RS team's BAU objectives for remaining of 2017. The purpose of this project is to:

  • Deliver on State and Federal government legislative changes as the priority one item, including:
  • AVETMISS 2018
  • CAN changes
  • Higher Education reforms (details yet to be finalized by the commonwealth)
  • Deliver on the remaining component of PEP & BSP projects

Research Management System

Implementation of a new Research Management System - IRMA.

Scheduling Portal Project

Delivering a portal for Scheduling, which encapsulates - request, catalogue, knowledge, which underpins the way in which Scheduling deliver their services to the university.

Sports Science Project

Provide high quality education facilities for the delivery of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (BESS) and Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (MECP).
Facilities complement and meet the teaching requirements of the BESS and MCEP programs and meet the requirements of accreditation through Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) and National Universities Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP).