Legislation Committee

Legislation Committee meeting dates 2017

Month DateLocationTime
March Tuesday 21stCirculatory ResolutionN/A
October Thursday 19thMt Helen Campus10.00am-11.00am


Title/Category Name
Ex Officio:  
Secretary to Council or Nominee (Chair) Mr Adrian Tinetti
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Professor Penny Paliadelis (Acting)
Chair of Academic Board or nominee from the academic or teaching staff Assoc. Prof. Kim Dowling
A general staff member nominated by the Chair Academic Board Ms Katie Morris
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Quality) or nominee Ms Claire Shaw
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) or nominee Mr Eric Holm
Secretariat Ms Lori Burns

Past meetings and minutes

Month Date Minutes
October21stLC 1/16 Minutes
November7thLC 2/16/1 Circ Res Minutes
Month Date Minutes
March5thLC 1/15 Minutes
June 4thLC2/15 Minutes
August 27thLC 3/15 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
March6thLC 1/14 Minutes
July29thLC 2/14 (Circ Res) Minutes
August 28thLC 3/14 Minutes
Oct24thLC 4/14 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
March7thLC 1/13 Minutes
August 29thLC 2/13 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
April26thLC 1/12 Minutes
December4thLC 2/12 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
February 18th Minutes LC1/11 (pdf, 35kb)
May 27th Minutes LC2/11 (pdf, 33kb)
July 29th Minutes LC3/11 (pdf, 33kb)
November 29th Minutes LC4/11 (pdf, 33kb)
The following resolution was approved at the Council Executive Committee meeting held 22 June 2010:

Resolution CEC4/10/02

The Council Executive Committee adopted the Terms of Reference for the new Legislation Committee as a sub-committee of the Council Executive Committee.
The Committee noted the Legislation Committee will replace the existing Statutes and Regulations Committee.

February 18th Minutes SRC1/10 (pdf, 65kb)
June 8th Minutes SRC2/10 (pdf, 31kb)
August 25th Minutes LC1/10 (pdf, 25kb)
November 23rd Minutes LC2/10 (pdf, 30kb)
March 10th Minutes SRC 1/09 (pdf, 94kb)
July 7th Minutes SRC 2/09 (pdf, 459kb)
August 25th Minutes SRC 3/09 (pdf, 52kb)
April 16th Minutes SRC 1/08 (pdf, 80kb)
October 8th Minutes SRC 2/08 (pdf, 119kb)