Legislation Committee

Legislation Committee meeting dates 2016

Month Date Time Location Minutes
March Thursday 10th 10.00am Mt Helen Campus  
June Thursday 2nd  10.00am Mt Helen Campus
August Thursday 25th 10.00am Mt Helen Campus  
October Thursday 20th 10.00am Mt Helen Campus


Title/Category Name
Ex Officio:  
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Engagement or Nominee (Chair) Mr Derek White
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Schools and Programs Professor Andy Smith
Chair of Academic Board or nominee from the academic or teaching staff Assoc. Prof. Kim Dowling
A general staff member nominated by the Chair Academic Board Mr Jeremie Van Delft
Director of Academic Services or nominee Vacant
Director Corporate Governance or nominee with legal qualifications Mr Adrian Tinetti
The Committee may co-opt members from time to time for a specified period and purpose.  
Secretariat Ms Linda Moore

Past meetings and minutes

Month Date Minutes
March5thLC 1/15 Minutes
June 4thLC2/15 Minutes
August 27thLC 3/15 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
March7thLC 1/13 Minutes
August 29thLC 2/13 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
April26thLC 1/12 Minutes
December4thLC 2/12 Minutes
Month Date Minutes
February 18th Minutes LC1/11 (pdf, 35kb)
May 27th Minutes LC2/11 (pdf, 33kb)
July 29th Minutes LC3/11 (pdf, 33kb)
November 29th Minutes LC4/11 (pdf, 33kb)
The following resolution was approved at the Council Executive Committee meeting held 22 June 2010:

Resolution CEC4/10/02

The Council Executive Committee adopted the Terms of Reference for the new Legislation Committee as a sub-committee of the Council Executive Committee.
The Committee noted the Legislation Committee will replace the existing Statutes and Regulations Committee.

February 18th Minutes SRC1/10 (pdf, 65kb)
June 8th Minutes SRC2/10 (pdf, 31kb)
August 25th Minutes LC1/10 (pdf, 25kb)
November 23rd Minutes LC2/10 (pdf, 30kb)
March 10th Minutes SRC 1/09 (pdf, 94kb)
July 7th Minutes SRC 2/09 (pdf, 459kb)
August 25th Minutes SRC 3/09 (pdf, 52kb)
April 16th Minutes SRC 1/08 (pdf, 80kb)
October 8th Minutes SRC 2/08 (pdf, 119kb)