Standards and guidelines

We have a responsibility to comply with web standards. This includes internal guidelines and processes, as well as nationally and internationally recognised standards. Compliance ensures that our website is of a consistent quality, is well-managed, and is both usable and accessible to the widest possible audience.

Content that violates the University Guidelines may be amended or removed from the website, so this information acts as an important resource to ensure compliance is met.

University policies

Web Publishing Guidelines
Sets out a number of requirements to be met when preparing and publishing content for display on our website. This document is intended for content coordinators, publishers and site owners within the University and to be a reference point for external contractors.

Web Management Guidelines
Provide a framework for the management of our corporate web presence.

Deployment of Custom Applications and Projects on the University's Corporate Webserver Guidelines
Provides information for those considering developing applications and resources for deployment on the University's corporate webserver.