Room booking FAQs

The questions below are designed to assist staff in placing casual room bookings.
If you have any additional questions please contact Central Timetabling.

I can't find the room I'm looking for

  • Reduce or increase the minimum capacity. Rooms will only appear if the  capacity entered is relatively close to rooms actual capacity. This is to prevent oversized rooms from being selected when suitable-sized locations are available.
  • Reduce the number of criteria selected.
  • Check the room number and description field on the filtered room list to ensure you have the correct room number.
  • Ensure you are allowed to book the room – certain rooms are restricted based on specialised content eg: science laboratories or hospitality kitchens.
  • Contact Central Timetabling if you still cannot find the room

The room I want is not available

  • When the 'No Options Found' box is displayed, click on the 'check other times' link at the bottom of this box and click on any blue calendar icon to view the timetable for that room. Select an available time and redo the booking.
  • If the alternate times do not suit your requirements select another room.

I received a booking error

  • Try again after 10 seconds – it is usually that the server is busy.
  • Press the back button, check the details are correct and try again.
  • Contact Central Timetabling if you still cannot complete your booking.

How do I know what equipment is in the room?

  • A list of room details including photos for most locations is available from the Timetabling website under Room resources.
    Room audits are undertaken twice a year to ensure that the information provided on these pages is as accurate as possible but changes do sometimes occur throughout the year.
    It is always best to check that the room you have booked is suitable for your purpose prior to the time of your booking.
  • The capacity of the room is also displayed in the web room booking system as you undertake the room booking process.

How do I cancel a booking?

Click on the 'my bookings' link at the bottom of any page within the room booking system. This will bring up a list of all the casual bookings you have made. Locate the booking you wish to cancel and press the 'cancel' button. You will receive an email notifying you of the cancellation.

I can't find the booking I am looking for in 'my bookings'

The booking will only appear in your list if you made the booking yourself. If you emailed Timetabling or another administrator to make the bookings, the booking will appear in their list. You will need to notify the individual who made the booking of any changes or cancellations. Please include the booking reference number, room number, date and time of the booking.

How do I modify a booking?

You must contact Central Timetabling to modify a booking unless you wish to cancel it from the 'my bookings' link and book the room again with the new details. Cancelling a booking takes some time to filter through the system, so if you cancel a booking you may be unable to rebook the same room during the time of the original booking for around an hour.

I can't see my booking on the timetable

  • Casual room bookings are processed by Central Timetabling staff and will usually be processed within an hour of being requested unless special approval is required. You will receive a confirmation email if the request is successful. Once you receive this confirmation your booking has been scheduled. You will be contacted if there is a problem.
  • The web room booking system updates hourly so your booking should be displayed on the web room timetables within one hour of receipt of your confirmation email.

Why are some rooms listed as access negotiable or 'area only' access?

  • Rooms listed with the message 'Access Negotiable' usually contain specialised equipment or are used regularly for a specific purpose eg: Swimming pool or Council meeting room. Once Timetabling staff receive your request for access to this location they will then negotiate on your behalf for this room to be made available. In some cases the booking may be denied and you will be contacted.
  • When a room is marked as 'Area Only' access it will only be made available to staff in that specific school or section. This is due to the content being highly specialised eg: Welding bays or nursing and science laboratories. In some cases access to rooms is only via a specialised area where strict OH&S rules apply so are not appropriate for general use.