Timetables and room bookings

Lecture Theatre

Timetabling is part of Strategic Capital, Infrastructure and Projects and is responsible for allocating available resources for classes and casual bookings at the Federation University Australia campuses - Ballarat, Berwick, Wimmera and Gippsland.

Room bookings

Internal bookings

2017 Web room booking system

2018 Web room booking system (opens for meeting rooms only, 23rd October 2017)
For assistance with generating web timetables please view our web room booking instructions (pdf, 740kb)

External bookings

Hospitality and conferencing services
Phone: 03 5327 9480


2017 Web timetables

2018 Web timetables

For assistance with generating web timetables please view our web timetable instructions (pdf, 740kb)

Individual student timetables can be viewed in my Student Centre

Room resources

Select a link below to view room resources, our campuses or Melbourne venue information.

Higher Ed timetable resources

Higher Education timetable resources can be found below:

Timetable Data Collector (currently closed)

For assistance with using Timetable Data Collector please view the following quick reference guides:

Timetabling Data Collector Coordinator quick reference guide (pdf, 235kb) (currently closed)

Timetabling Data Collector Staff unavailability quick reference guide (pdf, 136kb) (currently closed)

To view days/times timetabling staff are available to assist at each faculty/campus refer to the Campus visits schedule (pdf, 42kb)

Timetable Activity Adjuster

For assistance with using Timetable Activity Adjuster view the user guide (pdf. 629kb)

HE Timetables Timelines (pdf, 353kb)

TAFE timetable resources

TAFE timetable resources can be found below:

TAFE scheduling timelines (pdf 237kb)

Contact us

Queries regarding general timetabling, casual room bookings, guidelines/procedures, publication dates and deadlines should be directed to timetabling staff via email: timetabler@federation.edu.au or call: 03 5327 8084.