Add careers to master list

To display program information in Course Finder, the content must be uploaded to Campus Solutions. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) will then pull the information from Campus Solutions and feed it into the Course Finder application.

To attach careers to a program, all careers must be added to the careers master list first, before they are able to be attached to the program.

Step Update or add to careers master list
1 Login to Campus Solutions.
2 Navigation: Main Menu> Curriculum Management> Academic Item Registry> Marketing Careers List

Marketing Careers List
3 Click Correct History at the bottom of the page.
Correct History button
4 Click on the + button next to a career.
Plus button for adding careers
5 In the Career Code field, type <career code>.
Note: The is a four letter code that can be made up by Marketing Officers that the Campus Solutions developers refer to when working on system updates. Please ensure you use the first letter of the career for the first letter of the career code. This will make it easier for you to use the look up tool when you are attaching careers to a program on the Marketing Attributes page.
6 In the Description field, type <career>.
7 Complete steps 4-6 for all new careers.
8 Click Save.