Mobile devices

Purchasing process

Read the ESD purchasing guidelines.

Once you are aware of your responsibilities regarding the use of ESDs, follow the process below to arrange the purchase. Contact the Service Desk for a list of available options.

Step 1

Complete the ESD Request Form (pdf, 156kb)

*If you require a phone or plan that is not listed, contact the ITS Service desk for approval.

Step 2

Attach the completed form to a support request using the Service Desk Portal.

Step 3

Once the Service Desk receives your forms, they will email you an approval for purchase.

Step 4

Submit a purchase request in the myFinance system

*Please ensure names of end users are included in the line description.

Step 5

Purchase the ESD from the relevant authorised provider

Contact the Service Desk if you don't know the authorised provider.

Recommended mobile and electronic smart devices (ESD)

Please contact the Service Desk to find out the recommended devices.

Setting up Outlook on Apple iPhone/iPad

Download a guide to setting up iOS devices (pdf, 125kb)

Setting up Outlook on Android devices

Since there are multiple variations on version of the Android operating system, there is no set-up guide. The server settings are as follows:

Server type: Microsoft Exchange
Domain: uob
E-mail address: (your FedUni email address e.g.
Username: (your FedUni staff user name e.g. astaffmember)
Password: (your FedUni staff password)
Use secure connection / SSL: Yes
Port: 443

You may be asked to allow the server to make changes to your system remotely. This is a security feature and you will need to choose 'allow' so that you can receive e-mail.