IT Services Upgrades: Windows 10

To improve collaboration, functionality and reliability for students and staff of desktop and laptop services at FedUni we are upgrading our operating environment to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is a significant improvement over both Windows 7 and Windows 8. It looks great and is feature-rich, reliable, secure and supports both desktop and touch screen devices.

What will change

In addition to receiving Windows 10, updated devices will also receive the latest version of Office. Both Windows 10 and Office 2016 have minimal functionality changes; it may look a little different but it will work in much the same way. The upgrade will also include the latest Microsoft Lync client which is now called Skype for Business.

Windows 10 training

Windows 10 information sessions will be available to attend until the end of August. These sessions run for 30-40 minutes and provide information about the Windows 10 upgrade including:

  • how the upgrade process works
  • overview of the Windows 10 Start Menu
  • overview of the Windows 10 File Explorer
  • Windows 10 hints and tips
  • opportunity for questions and answers

Bookings for the Presentations can be made at:
Look for the Windows 10 sessions.

After each Presentation, a half-hour drop in session will be available. Windows 10 machines will be available for testing and there is opportunity to ask questions. Check the schedule at the link above and drop in 45 minutes after the Presentation start time. There is no need to make a booking to drop in.

We have created knowledge base articles and selected some Microsoft training material which demonstrates key differences between old and new systems and also shows you how to make the most of new software.

Tip: On a touch screen, a one second tap-and-hold will do the same thing as a mouse right-click.

Windows 10

Logging In [Knowledge article]

Start menu guide [Knowledge article]

Start menu video [Microsoft video]

Search [Knowledge article]

Task view and Virtual desktops [Knowledge article]

Snap Assist productivity tool [Knowledge article]

Settings and Control panel [Knowledge article]

Display Settings with multiple monitors [Knowledge article]

File Explorer [Knowledge article]

Installing additional software [Knowledge article]

Admin access [Knowledge article]

Office 2016

Office 2016 Training Center [Microsoft site]

Office 2016 Quick Start Guides [Microsoft PDFs]

Skype for Business

Introducing Skype for Business [Microsoft video]

Explore Skype for Business [Microsoft page]

Add a contact in Skype for Business [Microsoft video]

Check a contact's presence and IM them [Microsoft video]

Windows 10 knowledge bites

Is the FedUni Windows 10 system the same as my Windows 10 machine at home?

Mostly, yes. The look, feel, and experience should be almost identical to your Windows 10 machine at home. However, there will be obvious differences such as accessing network printers, logging in to your machine using your FedUni credentials, and policies set on your University machine.

Where are my printers?

Your printers should be retained across the Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade. If you do need to add a new printer, we have developed knowledge articles which demonstrates how to add a University printer in Windows 10 University printer in Windows 10 [KB article]

Why have my audio device settings changed?

The Windows 10 upgrade installs new audio drivers therefore settings you applied in Windows 7 will be reset to defaults. You can easily reconfigure your audio settings… right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of your screen, select Playback Devices and adjust settings as desired.

My default applications have changed

While it is being installed, Windows 10 resets default applications for Office and Internet. You can easily change default applications by clicking your Start menu, opening Settings (the cog icon in the left column), clicking System, clicking Default apps and adjusting the settings to your preference.

Where is my VPN?

If you were running the new Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN on Windows 7, this will still be installed after your upgrade to Windows 10. If you were running the old “FedUni VPN”, it will have been removed and you will need to install the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN as described in this knowledge article.

I’m already on Win10, will I still need to be upgraded?

Yes, your computer will need to be upgraded to the latest FedUni environment. Your computer will be upgraded along with the other people in your faculty or workgroup.

Is there a chance I could lose any data during the upgrade to Win10?

The upgrade process has been engineered to be extremely robust and there is only a tiny chance of data loss. Still, any important FedUni data should be stored on J:, K: or L: drives. Any personal data present on your computer should be backed up to a USB device or your personal OneDrive or Dropbox.

I currently use some specialist software. Will it still work after the upgrade?

If you have concerns about special software, please contact the Windows 10 Team and we will investigate.

What training and support will be provided?

This site and linked articles provide training on the changes between Windows 7 and Windows 10 and also the new features of Office 2016. When each workgroup is migrated to Windows 10 we will have staff on site to support the migration. If you have any problems or issues, please contact the Service Desk and support will be provided.

Office 2016 knowledge bites

What happened to my Lync/Skype for Business audio settings?

The Windows 10 upgrade installs new audio drivers therefore settings you applied in Windows 7 will be reset to defaults. If your audio settings are not as you expect, in Skype for Business click the cog icon, go to Tools and select Audio Devices. Adjust your settings as desired.

Where did my Office quick launch icons go?

The Windows 10 upgrade reinstalls Office 2016 so any icons belonging to older versions of Office will be removed. The Start menu includes tiles to launch the common Office applications. If you want to add icons for some applications to your taskbar, launch the application (e.g. Outlook or Skype for Business) then right click the icon in the taskbar and select 'Pin to taskbar'.

Why have my Office/Lync settings have changed?

The Windows 10 upgrade reinstalls Office 2016 so some settings may have been reset to defaults. Just reconfigure things the way you prefer them to be and your settings will be retained in future.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is Microsoft's branded cloud file-hosting service. Essentially, it is a place to store files that can then be accessed from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. While OneDrive is installed with Windows 10, we are not yet ready to start supporting OneDrive at FedUni. After the Windows 10 upgrade is complete we plan to offer OneDrive training and support. Until then, please continue to use K:, L:, J: drives and ECM to store FedUni data.