Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

QILT is a suite of national higher education surveys endorsed by the Department of Education & Training. QILT covers the student life cycle from the commencement of higher education study to employment after graduation.

QILT is independently administered by The Social Research Centre.

QILT surveys

QILT is comprised of four surveys.

  • The Student Experience Survey (SES), formally the University Experience Survey (UES)
  • The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)
  • The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)
  • Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal (GOS-L)

The QILT suite of surveys reflects the Australian Government's desire to have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will demonstrate students engagement with and experience of programs and the quality of those programs from the students perspective.

QILT aims to provide reliable measure of teaching performance throughout the student life cycle. QILT will be used both internal and externally for bench-marking purposes.

2017 QILT key dates

SurveyEvent Date
SESNational social media campaign beginsTBA
SESOnline data collection open TBA
SESOnline data collection closesTBA
GOS (April round)National social media campaign begins 24 April 2017
GOS (April round)Online data collection opens 1 May 2017
GOS (April round)Online data collection closes29 May 2017
GOS (October round)National social media campaign beginsTBA
GOS (October round)Online data collection opensTBA
GOS (October round)Online data collection closes TBA
ESSOnline data collection opensTBA
ESSOnline data collection closes TBA
GOS - LOnline data collection opens 1 February 2017
GOS - LOnline data collection closes 28 February 2017

Student Experience Survey (SES)

Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) is the tool used to collect data for the SES. The focus is on measurable aspects of a students' higher education course experiences in the following areas.

  • Skills development
  • Learner engagement
  • Teaching quality
  • Student support, and
  • Learning resources

The SES is focused on commencing and final year undergraduate higher education students who study onshore in Australia. The SES is a sample and only selected commencing and final year students will be included in the data collection.

SES will be open for four weeks from the first week of August each year. In-scope students are sent an email to their student email address from The Social Research Center inviting them to participate in the survey. The survey will contain a link to the online survey and any other relevant information.

There is a prize draw incentive program to encourage early completion of the questionnaire. The Social Research Centre administer all aspects of the prize draw.

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

The GOS is focused mainly on graduate destinations such as further study or employment.

GOS will be sent to undergraduate and postgraduate onshore higher education graduates who have completed the requirements of a higher education accredited qualification.

GOS will run in two rounds per year November and May. The November round will include graduates from January to June of that calendar year. May rounds include graduates from July and December of the preceding Calendar year. Surveys will be sent via email to graduate email addresses and will be open for four weeks.

There is a prize draw incentive program to encourage early completion of the questionnaire.The Social Research Centre administers all aspects of the prize draw.

Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Employment supervisors of GOS participants are in-scope for the ESS. Supervisors are contacted via the ESS after responses are collected from the GOS.

ESS will be administered immediately after the GOS.

Graduate Outcomes Survey-Longitudinal (GOS-L)

GOS-L follows up with graduates who have completed the initial GOS three years earlier and indicated they are happy to be contacted in the future to complete the GOS-L. The GOS-L replaces the Beyond Graduate Survey (BGS) from 2016.

GOS -L focuses on measuring.

  • Labour force history
  • Further Study
  • Graduate attributes
  • Graduate preparation

GOS-L will be administered in February each year.

Contact us

For further information contact FedUni's Survey Coordinator Carly Borchers by emailing surveys@federation.edu.au or phone +61 3 5327 8083.