The Calender below shows availability of data about Higher Education Student enrolments throughout each Year.

Campus Solutions progressive tally reports

These reports are refreshed weekly on Monday morning prior to 9:00am.


DEEWR reports

Data for Student Enrolment reports is submitted to DEEWR at four times throughout the year:

First Half Year

  • Submission 1: 31st May
  • Submission 2: 31st August

Second Half year

  • Submission 1: 31st October
  • Submission 2: 31st March (in following year)

Data for Past Course (Program) Completions and Unit of Study (Course) Completions are submitted to DEEWR by 30th April.



Student Application data is available from the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) starting around June of each year.

Final Student Application data is available in June of the following year.