School of Health and Life Sciences

Sex, Gender and Relationships (SGR) Research Interest Group


Welcome to the Sex, Gender, and Relationships (SGR) Research Interest Group. This group consists of researchers based at the Gippsland and Mt Helen campuses of Federation University, in the School of Health Sciences and Psychology.

The primary focus of the SGR Research Interest Group is to primarily explore biological sex and social constructions of gender. Specifically, the role that these factors play in psychological and physiological health, social interactions, relationship mechanisms (initiation, maintenance, and dissolution), and perceptions of self. By exploring such areas, SGR research interest group aims to provide a better understanding of relationship dynamics in general.

To achieve this understanding, members of this group conduct both quantitative and qualitative research informed by a variety of social, evolutionary, clinical, cognitive, and personality theories and perspectives in psychology. The group emphasises the interactive and dynamic relationship between evolutionary and social processes, and the ways in which these processes construct sexual identities, gender identities, and relationships.

Specific research focus is given to, to name a few, the initiation, maintenance, and dissolution of romantic relationships; the mental health of men and women and of LGBTIQ groups; characteristics of various relationship types, such as online relationships; and the role of evolutionary forces in shaping our modern cognitions about sex and dating.