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Study assistance

We support all FedUni students to achieve their best. Apprentices, VCAL, VET, undergraduate and post graduate students can all access our support. Our goal is to remove any academic barriers to your study success.

Every apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship student will undergo a literacy and numeracy assessment. This test will indicate if a student should receive support to help them to complete their studies successfully. Students can still choose to access this support, even if their test shows that support is not required.

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ASPIRE - Senior VCAL (Higher Education pathway) offers year 12 students a guaranteed pathway into a degree program. Unlike most VCAL programs, ASPIRE will prepare senior secondary students to start degree level studies and, similar to the FAST program, will guarantee you an offer of a place in a FedUni degree, without needing an ATAR. ASPIRE is a new program that integrates Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), Foundation Access Studies (FAST) and Embedded Academic Transition (EAT) units. It aims to enable VCAL students to prepare and pursue diverse higher level education and training pathways at FedUni. The program is already showing excellent results for our students who want to move into a degree.

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Embedded Academic Transition (EAT)

Embedded Academic Transition (EAT) courses are for undergraduate students who would benefit from extra assistance with their academic literacy and numeracy. The courses are generally set up as electives within participating degree programs and introduce students to the skills necessary to be successful higher education learners. The two units offered under EAT aim to assist students to develop academic literary skills, and introduce students to the skills necessary for successful study throughout their undergraduate program, including research and critical thinking skills.

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The ELSP Program (English Language Support Program)

This program provides assistance to international students who are making the transition to their first year of undergraduate or post-graduate study in Australia..

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Learning support for VET students

After completing the literacy and numeracy review, learning support is offered to VET students identified as being "at risk" due to low skills in these areas, and offers classes focused on functional literacy and numeracy skill development. Our students may access this support at no cost.

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Academic support for higher education students

FedUni offers a range of learning support options to higher education students. Our goal is to help you to achieve the results that you need. Support options include online and hard copy resources, library-based and course-embedded academic skills workshops, and literacy and numerous support classes as well as individual assistance. Our students may access this support at no cost.

Read more about academic support for higher education students in the 'Learning and study' section on the Current students webpage.