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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (HMST) - Social Impact Grant & Community One-off Grants 2017

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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (HMST)

Programs – focus areas on what we fund

Cultural and Heritage Creative initiatives that give voice to communities by attracting local participation, encouraging public engagement and developing a sense of place.

Education and Vocations Pathways Education and vocational initiatives that help individuals improve their circumstances.

Land and Environmental Stewardship Initiatives that deliver responsible conservation of Victoria’s natural environments through cooperative projects and sustainable practices.

Regional Resilience Projects and programs that deliver benefits to rural and regional communities.

Health Advancement Major multi-year grants that lead to better health outcomes and quality of life. This grant category is ONLY available for Social Impact Grants

Social Impact Grants 2017

Applications open 23rd May 2017. Please see below for internal dates. Universities can submit up to 1 application per funding round.

Social Impact Multi-year Grants – Total funding of $91,000 to $200,000 (up to 3 years).
Social Impact Grants are highly competitive and few are awarded. In addition to HMSTrust’s general funding guidelines, only applications that address the following criteria will be considered:

  • Initial consultation with HMSTrust Grants staff is essential. We recommend you contact us in advance of the opening date and don’t leave it until the last minute. Contact Grants staff here . FedUni staff please contact Jamie McDonald, Director, Marketing, Advancement and Community Engagement in the first instance.
  • 2-stage online application process. The Stage 1 online application form can only be accessed via an individual access code provided by HMSTrust Grants staff following discussion about your project
  • Grants up to 3 years are considered for projects which clearly demonstrate positive long-term social impact. Applications will need to include:
  • 4-month turnaround from Stage 1 application closing date to notification.
  • Grant payments for multi-year grants are made in annual instalments dependent on receipt of satisfactory progress report and financial acquittal.
  • Sustainable business model
  • Robust business plan supported by substantiated data
  • Milestones for each year of funding
  • Confirmed partnerships and collaborations
  • Clearly defined outputs and outcomes
  • Plans for measurement and evaluation
  • Detailed project budget
  • Benefits to the broader sector

Community One-off Grants 2017

Applications open 8th August 2017. Please see below for internal dates. Universities can submit up to 1 application per funding round.

  • Up to $30,000
  • 1-stage online application process
  • One-off grants for projects which deliver good, practical community outcomes
  • Projects are normally completed within one year, but can extend over a longer period
  • 2-month turnaround from application closing date to notification

Research Funding Internal Dates for HMST

GEOI*Panel review & Internal SelectionInternal ComplianceFinal SubmissionExternal Deadline
Social ImpactNOW CLOSED 4pm 16/05/17 12pm 31/05/17 12pm 12/06/17 12pm 15/06/17
Community One-offNOW CLOSED 4pm 01/08/17 12pm 16/08/17 12pm 28/08/17 12pm 31/08/17

*Late GEOI’s cannot be accepted due to the funding body limitation of 1 submission per scheme round, per organisation.

For further information about these programs please visit the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust websitehttp://hmstrust.org.au/grantseekers/grant-dates/ .

Please submit your Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) form, signed by your ADR, to research.funding@federation.edu.au by the GEOI deadline.

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Contact us

If you have any queries regarding these grants, please contact the Research Funding Team at research.funding@federation.edu.au.

*Please also check with your Faculty ADR or Centre Director for any additional requirements.*

Budget support and information

For assistance with the Project Budget Costing Pro-forma, please contact research.funding@federation.edu.au