Research performance

The University is required to report research activity to the Federal Government annually through the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) (external website) and every three years through the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) process.

Publications collection

Research Services collate publications information for inclusion in the HERDC and ERA processes.

We collate peer-reviewed research publications from the following categories:

  • Authored books
  • Book chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Creative works
  • Research reports

Publications can be submitted at any time throughout the year. An electronic copy of the publication, along with the appropriate evidence and cover sheet (embed link) should be forwarded to

Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

The HERDC comprises of research income and research publications data submitted by universities each year. Each year, the department updates the HERDC specifications in consultation with universities and other relevant stakeholders. The HERDC specifications control the collection of higher education research data and are designed to ensure the Australian Government's research block grants are allocated in a fair and transparent way and to support the policy intent of the funding.

Data collected, along with data from the HERDC, is used to determine annual allocations to universities for the research block grants.

Further information can be found on the Department of Education website

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

ERA is an assessment system that evaluates the quality of the research conducted at Australian universities. It is currently undertaken every three years, with the next round due for submission in 2015.

ERA aims to identify and promote excellence across the full spectrum of research activity, including discovery, experimental and applied research within Australian higher education institutions.

ERA provides an evaluation of Fields of Research (FoRs) at each institution, informed by four categories of indicators:

  1. Indicators of research quality
  2. Indicators of research activity
  3. Indicators of research application
  4. Indicators of recognition

ERA at Federation University Australia

Soon to be added:

  • List of Advisory Committee
  • Newsletter

Publications for ERA 2015

We are currently finalising the collection of publications for ERA 2015. If you have an ERA-eligible research publication (published 2008 – 2013), please forward it to  

Contact us

Ms Katie Donnelly
Coordinator, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)
Ph: 5327 9526