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Research data management

Section 2 of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research clearly outlines the responsibilities that all researchers have to ensure their data and datasets are properly managed.

The Library has an excellent series of information pages and plans regarding data management, as well as access to online training guides regarding research data management. All researchers are strongly encouraged to undertake the Research Data Management Planning exercises (docx, 229kb)

Similarly, The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) has developed an excellent guide to data management issues.

For further help and information on research data management please contact

Further resources

ANDS Data Management Guide for Current ARC Applicants

Download Guide to filling in the data management section in ARC grant applications (pdf, 192kb)

Data Management Statement for 2015 Discovery and DECRA applicants

Federation University Australia takes seriously its commitment to research data management and open access. Through seeding the commons funding the University has developed an extremely comprehensive series of resources that are available to all staff. The University has redrafted its data management policy to adapt to the nuances of the new institution and to ensure full alignment in policy and procedural frameworks with Section 2 of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. This procedure is currently in the final draft stage and is expected to be confirmed by the University governance structures by early June 2014. This project will adhere to both the requirements of the Code and the University regarding research data management.

The University encourages its staff to deposit data in open access repositories. This project will work with the Australian Data Archives  to deposit appropriate data sets into this curated archive. The online repository contains the open access version of much of our published research work; in addition, the Library will also catalogue metadata regarding data sets, to ensure that information regarding datasets are readily searchable and available via all major search engines.

[Please insert something specific to your project here] e.g. This project will endeavour to publish both the data and the publications from the research process in de-identified formats, where appropriate. We will (within copyright restrictions) deposit our project publications in our open access repository, and will also consider first and foremost publishing in journals that have an open-access-friendly approach such as XYZ .

Research environment statement

Download A guide to Addressing the Research Environment Statement (docx, 843kb) - ARC Discovery and DECRA for funding commencing in 2015.

View a sample text for a Research Environment statement (docx, 21kb)