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Research Integrity Advisors

If you have any concerns in regard to the responsible conduct of research or research misconduct at Federation University, you may contact a Research Integrity Advisor (RIA). Concerns can be raised with an RIA from any Faculty.

Research Integrity Advisors are persons with research experience, knowledge of the University's policy and management structure, and familiarity with accepted practices in research who are appointed to provide advice on research integrity to researchers and students in accordance with the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research and Federation University policy.

The Research Integrity Advisor’s role does not extend to assessment or investigation of the matter.

The specific role of RIAs is to:

  • Provide a ‘first point of contact' for people with enquiries related to the responsible conduct of research.
  • Explain the actions that a person who is considering making a formal complaint may decide to take. These options include:
    • referring the matter directly to the person against whom the complaint would be made and not progressing the matter if such referral resolves the concerns
    • referring the concerns to a person in a supervisory capacity for resolution at an organisational unit level; or
    • making a formal complaint in writing to the Designated Person (Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) in relation to research misconduct and the organisational unit head of the person/s against whom the complaint is made.

Contact a Research Integrity Advisor

Federation Business School Ernesto Valenzuela – Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty of Education and Arts Tim Harrison – Associate Dean (R)
Faculty of Health Simon Cooper – Associate Dean (R)

Jenny Blitvich – Associate Dean (R)

Faculty of Science and Technology David Piedrafita – Associate Dean (R)

Please refer to the University's Research Integrity & Misconduct Procedure.