Human research ethics

Recent updates

  • Note: HREC application threshold - A maximum of 26 applications are considered at each HREC meeting, and are placed on the agenda in order of receipt of the completed application. A limit is imposed to ensure that the volunteer HREC members have sufficient time per meeting to fully assess each application. Any applications received after this maximum is reached are placed on the agenda for the next meeting and the researcher notified. Research Services schedule additional meetings during peak months. Applications received after the close-off for agenda Items, or received after the threshold of applications has been reached for any meeting, are NOT eligible for an 'Out of Session Review.' Please submit your carefully completed applications in a timely manner to avoid disappointment.
  • Note: the new Peer Review Checklist, to assist authorising personnel in assessing the research merit of applications they are requested to approve at Faculty/School level.
  • Note: superseded application forms will no longer be accepted by Ethics Committees as they do not conform to current legislative requirements. Always download required forms from this website.