Note: Applications received after 4.30pm on the date they are due to the Ethics office will be held over until the following meeting.

Applications should be submitted to the relevant signatory (below) at least one week prior to the 'Agenda Items due to Ethics Office' date, to allow time for the application to be reviewed to determine it is of merit to be assessed by the AEC; appropriate facilities are available (if applicable); and the project will be supported by the relevant faculty.

  • Head of School; or
  • Deputy Head of School; or
  • Associate Dean Research (ADR);
Meeting No.Agenda items due Meeting date
AEC 1/2017 Fri 17 Feb Wed 1 Mar
AEC 2/2017 Fri 31 Mar Wed 12 Apr - Please note: Meeting Outcomes will advised by Fri 21 April due to the Easter Public Holidays
AEC 3/2017 Fri 2 Jun Wed 14 Jun
AEC 4/2017 Fri 28 July Wed 9 Aug
AEC 5/2017 Fri 29 Sept Wed 11 Oct
AEC 6/2017 Fri 17 Nov Wed 29 Nov