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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (HMST) - Community Multi-year Grants 2017

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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (HMST)

Community Multi-year Grants 2017

Applications open 24th January 2017 for HMST Community Multi-year Grants. Funding from $31,000 to $90,000 (over 2 to 3 years) is available under the following Programs:

Cultural and Heritage

Creative initiatives that give voice to communities by attracting local participation, encouraging public engagement and developing a sense of place.

Education and Vocations Pathways

Education and vocational initiatives that help individuals improve their circumstances.

Land and Environmental Stewardship

Initiatives that deliver responsible conservation of Victoria’s natural environments through cooperative projects and sustainable practices.

Regional Resilience

Projects and programs that deliver benefits to rural and regional communities.

Research Funding Internal Dates (for all HMST Community Multi-year Programs)

GEOI Deadline*

Scheme Opening Date

Internal Compliance & Panel Selection Deadline

Final Submission Deadline

External Deadline






*Late GEOIs cannot be accepted due to the funding body limitation of 1 submission per organisation

If more than 1 application is received for this scheme, an appropriate selection panel will convene to rank applications.  The highest ranked application will proceed for external submission upon final approval from the DVCRI.

For further information about these programs please visit the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust websitehttp://hmstrust.org.au/grantseekers/grant-dates/ .

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Budget support and information

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