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Continuous ARC Linkage Rounds 2016 - NOW OPEN

Updated 12/07/2016

As of the 1st July 2016, the Australian Research Council (ARC) have changed the way they run the Linkage Projects (LP) Scheme, to move it from an annual round to a continuous application round.  This means that the ARC no longer have a set annual deadline for submitting LP applications (ie previously November each year) but rather, will accept LP applications all year round.

The thinking within the administrative sector is as follows:

  • ARC LP applications will be open for applications on the ARC’s Research Management System (RMS) as of 1 July 2016. Confirmed 01/07/2016 - applications are now open
  • The current ARC LP Funding Rules will be valid for the next 6 months ie for applications submitted from July 2016 – Dec 2016. The Rules will then be reviewed. Confirmed 01/07/2016
  • The LP applications submitted up until the end of 2016 will be “benchmarked” against the recent selection scores / ARC LP round that was announced in May 2016.
  • Assessment and announcement of outcomes may be “fast-tracked” where possible. Please see 'Important Dates' page on the ARC website at
  • The ARC funding available for the continuous round of ARC LPs in the 2nd half of 2016  is not new funding, but rather represents a percentage of funding that was held over (ie unallocated funds) from the recent ARC LP 16 round.

Applicants who are interested in applying for an ARC LP application in 2016 will need to:

1. Firstly, please review the current LP documentation available on the ARC website (ie Funding Rules, Instructions, FAQs etc) to ensure your proposal is eligible and in alignment with the ARC requirements:

2. Secondly, please register your interest to apply by submitting a Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) form to .  Registered applicants will then be advised of the internal procedures required to undertake an application. Please note that only registered applications can be considered for progression to submission.

As a guide, the indicative timeframes for internal submission to the Research Funding Team (RFT) and review are as follows:


Submit to RFT for External Review

Revised proposal submitted to DVC(R&I) via RFT

Internal Compliance & Budget Review

Return to Researcher

Final Submission to RFT

Submission to the ARC

At your earliest convenience.
Please indicate on the GEOI your preferred external ARC submission date (LP Day).

Allocated time ~10 business days

Allocated time ~5 business days

Submit ~4 weeks before LP Day.

3 business days after internal submission

5 Business days before LP Day

LP Day

Further information about internal dates for LP

GEOI – Grant Expression of Interest form The GEOI form can be found on our ‘Grant forms’ webpage at .  The information you provide on this form is your ‘best guess’ at the time of submission and understandably may change as your application progresses.

Submit to RFT for External Review
It is anticipated it will take approx 10 business days to receive feedback from an external reviewer on a complete proposal. Please note that internal faculty peer review is still strongly encouraged for all research funding applications including LP proposals.

Revised proposal submitted to DVC(R&I) via RFT
Once the applicant has revised the proposal as per comments from the external reviewer, the DVC(R&I) will require approx 5 business days to approve the revised & resubmitted proposal.

Internal Compliance & Budget Review
The agreed date by which the applicant will submit a complete proposal, budget costing pro forma and any supporting docs to for compliance and budget review.

If the applicant would like to renegotiate this to a later date, ‘LP Day’ may need to be pushed out also.

Return to Researcher
The agreed date by which RFT provide compliance and budget feedback to the applicant, for their consideration.

Final Submission to RFT
The agreed date by which the applicant submits their complete proposal (with incorporated changes based on feedback) to the RO via RMS.

The following supporting docs must also be submitted at the same time to

Submission to the RO via RMS is considered confirmation from the applicant that their proposal is ready for endorsement and submission to the ARC.

Submission to the ARC (LP Day)
The agreed, indicative date by which the applicant would like their proposal submitted to the ARC.  This is subject to change as the proposal progresses.

Please contact if you have any queries.

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ARC College of Experts – Nominations 2017

The Australian Research Council (ARC) is seeking nominations from suitably qualified and experienced individuals in all disciplines and strong emphasis will be placed on multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary expertise. However, this call for nominations is made with particular interest in a number of focussed areas (see page 2 CoE Nomination Kit provided via the link below):

The ARC is committed to improving the gender balance of membership on ARC selection committees and encourages women to nominate. In addition, nominations from people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, and from end-users across the private, public and not-for profit sectors are particularly encouraged. Please note that international nominees are eligible to apply on condition that they are able to obtain an Australian visa.

Research Funding Team Internal Deadlines:

Intent to Apply (email only)

Internal Deadline for Complete Nomination Forms for DVCR&I review

DVC(R&I) Nominations Announced

Final Internal Submission Deadline

ARC External Submission by Approved Delegate

COB 10/06/16

COB 24/06/16

COB 01/07/16


COB 22/07/16

Intent to Apply (email only) and Nomination Forms must be submitted to the FedUni Delegate (Ms Tina D'Urbano) at by the advised deadlines.

Nomination Forms must be approved by the DVC(R&I) and submitted electronically by the FedUni Delegate to the ARC by 5pm (AEST) Friday 22 July 2016.  ARC will not accept direct nominations from nominees (excepting those submitting as 'self-employed'). Nominees who hold an honorary or adjunct appointment with FedUni are also eligible to apply.

Prof Leigh Sullivan, DVCR&I, via Research Services, may approach individual staff members to speak to them about nomination and encourage them to apply.

Please review the Nomination Kit and Nomination Form before commencing (available via the links below):

ARC CoE Nomination Kit 2017 (Word Doc, 276 KB)

ARC CoE Nomination Form 2017 (Word Doc, 46 KB)

It is anticipated that nominees and nominating primary employers will be advised of the outcome in September - October 2016.

If you are interested in nominating, please liaise with your ADR/Director/Exec Dean in the first instance to discuss this opportunity and ask about internal faculty requirements.

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2017 Fulbright Scholarships (USA) for Australians – Now Open

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relations between the two countries. The Commission facilitates this through the implementation of the Fulbright program and other scholarships and exchanges.

If you are interested in a scholarship for study or research at a U.S. institution, please visit the Fulbright website for more information.

Applications for all scholarship categories open on Sunday 1 May should be submitted by Monday 1 August, 2016 (11:59pm AEST).


GEOI Deadline

Internal Compliance Deadline

Final Submission Deadline

External Deadline

COB 11/07/16

COB 21/07/2016

10am  29/07/2016

Mon 01/08/2016

Please submit your Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) form, signed by your Associate Dean Research (ADR)/Centre Director to by the GEOI deadline.

Note: As only some of these scholarships will be eligible for HERDC (Research) reporting, Research Funding Team will assess the information provided in the GEOI and advise applicants accordingly.

We strongly encourage potential applicants to review all information carefully including eligibility, selection criteria, timeline, FAQs, and most importantly the application form itself and its guidelines.
----- And to start their applications as soon as possible.  The application form and required information is extensive and will take some time for completing.

Further information for Australian Applicants about the Scholarships can be found on the Australian-American Fulbright Commission webpage:

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If you have any queries regarding these grants, please contact the Research Funding Team at

For all research funding opportunities, please submit your Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) form, signed by your Associate Dean Research (ADR)/Centre Director to by the GEOI deadline.

*Please also check with your Faculty ADR or Centre Director for any additional requirements.*

Budget support and information

For assistance with the Project Budget Costing Pro-forma, please contact