Grant forms

Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) form

Version 1.5 - September 2015

The GEOI form is used to notify your ADR/Centre Director of your intention to develop a research funding proposal.

This form is to be signed by your ADR/Centre Director and submitted to the Research Funding Team as early as possible to ensure that Faculty/Centre and central advice and support can be organised.  Once signed, please forward to for DVC(R&I) approval prior to investing significant time in developing the full proposal.

Please discuss all proposed research with your ADR/Centre Director prior to submission.

Do not send this form directly to the DVC(R&I) (unless this is a direct report) as it will be returned to you without approval.

Download Grant Expression of Interest (GEOI) Form v1.5 (docx, 230kb)

Grant Approval Coversheet (GAC)

The Federation University Australia Grant Approval Coversheet replaces the University of Ballarat Grant Approval form and the Monash Grant Coversheet. The primary purpose of this form is for FedUni Researchers to gain Executive Dean/HoS/Director approval to apply for an external research funding opportunity. This form, signed by you Executive Dean/HoS/Director, should be submitted to Research Services on or before the funding internal deadline along with a completed research funding application/proposal and budget. Please ensure that school review of your research funding application/proposal by your Mentor and Executive Dean is completed before the Research Services internal deadline.

Download Grant Approval Coversheet Form (docx, 232kb)

Please note that Research Services will arrange the required DVC(R&I)* approval for all grant forms and applications.

Please submit grant forms and research funding applications/proposals and budgets to in the first instance.

*Grants over $300k will require VC approval. Grants over $750k will require Council approval. Grants of this size may require earlier submission than usual to gain the appropriate approvals.

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