Research funding

From application to acquittal, Research Services provides the full range of advice, reviewing, reporting and management for research grants, tenders and fellowships.

Research Development and Grant Manual

1.0 Purpose of Manual

This manual is designed to assist researchers in:

  • navigating the new research environment
  • strategic development of their research careers
  • developing research projects
  • adopting best practice in research project development and management
  • conforming with University policies and guidelines relating to research and research development.

2.0 Definitions and Acronyms
Download chapter about Definitions and Acronyms (pdf, 97kb)

3.0 Research Services
Download chapter about Research Services at Federation University Australia (pdf, 56kb)

4.0 Research Goals
Download chapter about Research Goals (pdf, 80kb)

5.0 Pre-Award
Download chapter about Pre-Award (pdf, 302kb)

6.0 Accepting an Award
Download chapter about Accepting an Award (pdf, 65kb)

7.0 Project Planning and Management
Download chapter about Project Planning and Management (pdf, 53kb)

8.0 Post Award: Managing a Grant
Download chapter about Post-Award (pdf, 108kb)

9.0 Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
View Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for Research.