Domestic scholarships

  • FedUni Postgraduate Research Scholarships - 2015 rate: $25,894 p.a.
  • Australian Postgraduate Awards (with stipend) – 2015 rate: $25,894 p.a.
  • Limited Industry Funded Scholarships may be available.

Scholarship applications for 2015 have now closed. 

Applications have not yet opened for FedUni Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FedUni PRS) and Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarships (APA) for 2016. Please email us at if you would like to receive information regarding application dates once they become available. Applications will close on Friday 30th October.

We may have limited industry funded scholarships available for applicants. Please check our Industry Funded webpage for further details.

Program application information can be found at Apply.

International scholarships

FedUni is not currently accepting applications for University funded scholarships for international students. There are externally funded scholarships available which may assist students to gain funding for studies, such as;

If you would like to apply for either of these scholarships, you will be required to submit an application for candidature to FedUni prior to submitting your scholarship application. Please allow at least four weeks to process your application before the scholarship cut-off date.

Candidature application information can be found at Apply.

Externally funded scholarships

Below is a list of links to external organisations that offer scholarships. Please contact the organisation listed for further information.


JASON (Joint Academic Scholarships On-line Network database) - The first Australian information database for postgraduate scholarships. The database provides a unique service both to students looking for scholarships and to organisations and foundations who are awarding them.

JASON provides a comprehensive source of scholarships which will allow students to study either at a university in Australia or to travel overseas as part of their program. The database allows users to lodge their own profile for matching to a scholarship and when a scholarship becomes available the database will email the user to let them know that there is a scholarship that might be of interest.

JASON is jointly funded by universities subscribing to the service for their students. Over 30 Australian universities are members of the JASON project and provide information for the database

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