Wimmera Research Group


The Water In Drylands Collaborative Research Program (WIDCORP) was a collaboration of peak regional and state government organisations including:

Investment in WIDCORP up to the end of 2010 by research partners ensured that all program partners worked collaboratively to identify and invest in high-quality research that underpinned, supported and promoted the economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social wellbeing of the communities of the Wimmera Mallee region.

WIDCORP aimed to contribute to a positive future for regional areas, specifically dryland agricultural regions in Australia by identifying and optimising opportunities that arise from the availability of quality, reliable water. The Wimmera Mallee pipeline project provided a unique opportunity as a case study of a dryland region undergoing major water reform.

Research was undertaken concurrently with the construction of the pipeline and forms the basis for an on-going research program at the Horsham Campus of Federation University Australia. It built regional capacity and capability through alliances with other research organisations and agencies to deliver quality research outcomes for the Wimmera and Mallee communities and other dryland agricultural regions.

The drought broke in 2010, and with it a range of new research questions were identified for the region. Building on the success of WIDCORP an on-going research program was established at the Horsham Campus of the University of Ballarat, called Horsham Campus Research Precinct (HCRP). This research group has built on the collaborative research approach developed through WIDCORP.

Since the opening of Federation University Australia, the Horsham Campus Research Precinct (HCRP) has changed its name to the Wimmera Research Group.