Faculty of Science and Technology

Our team


Name Email Location Phone +61 3
Professor Rae Mackay
(PhD, University of Newcastle, UK)
Hydrology and Hydrogeology
rae.mackay@federation.edu.au 4W108 51226191
Dr Ali Tolooiyan
(PhD, University College Dublin, Ireland)
Senior Research Fellow
Geotechnical Engineering and Geomechanics
ali.tolooiyan@federation.edu.au 4W103 51228341
Dr Edward Kim
(PhD, Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Research Fellow
Geomaterial and Energy Geotechnology
edward.kim@federation.edu.au 4W116 51226411
Dr Jianfeng Xue
(PhD, University College Dublin, Ireland)
Lecturer, Geotechnical Engineering
School of Engineering & Information Technology
jianfeng.xue@federation.edu.au 4N271 51226448
Dr Susanga Costa
(PhD, Monash University, Australia)
Lecturer, Geotechnical Engineering
School of Engineering & Information Technology
susanga.costa@federation.edu.au 4N270 51228342
Mr Harpreet Kandra Singh
(PhD, Monash University, Australia)
Lecturer, Water Engineering
School of Engineering & Information Technology
h.kandra@federation.edu.au 4N258 51228216

Post doctoral

Name Email Location Phone +61 3
Wen Jianhua w.jianhua@federation.edu.au 4W  

HDR students

Name Email Location Phone +61 3
Tristan Allen tl.allen@federation.edu.au 4W  
Catherine Couling c.couling@federation.edu.au 4W 51228312
Ashley Dysona.dyson@federation.edu.au4W51228915
Mohsen Ghadrdanm.ghadrdan@federation.edu.au4W51226021
Mojtaba Karamim.karami@federation.edu.au4W53278592
Kaveh Ranjbar Pouya k.ranjbarpouya@federation.edu.au 4W 51228501
Sid Rastogi siddharthrastogi@students.federation.edu.au 4W 0427673961
Tahereh Shaghaghit.shaghaghi@federation.edu.au4W51226022
Jack Stipcevich j.stipcevich@federation.edu.au 4W 51228206
Zhan Tang zhan.tang@monash.edu 4W 51227174
Michael Taylor Michael.D.Taylor@monash.edu 4W  
Negin Zhalehjoo n.zhalehjoo@federation.edu.au 4W 51228462

HDR students - Completed projects

Name Project title Year of completion
Chow Hirunteeyakul Investigation of groundwater/surface water interactions 2015
Fatemeh Moein Coal consolidation behaviour 2015
Luke Tatnell (Graduated) Advanced techniques in measuring residual shear strength parameters of cohesive soils 2015

Technical support

Name Email Location Phone +61 3
Wayne Powrie wayne.powrie@federation.edu.au 4W112 51226594

Administrative support

Name Email Location Phone +61 3
Erica Matthews erica.matthews@federation.edu.au 3W206 51228936