Faculty research

Our faculties have a strong focus on research. Staff within our faculties are doing some exciting research within their fields.

  • Federation Business School
    Our research focus is on the role of business enterprise and economic progress in the regional context, especially with regard to business innovation and ecologically sustainable development.
  • Faculty of Education and Arts
    Approximately half of our research programs focus on education encompassing lifelong learning, including early education, primary, secondary, vocational education and training, as well as adult and community education. The remaining programs investigate issues to do with history, culture and society and which seek new understandings and pathways in the fields of the visual and performing arts.
  • Faculty of Health
    Our focus is on education excellence and innovative research. We have a wide range of health-related disciplines including human movement and sport sciences, nursing and midwifery, occupational health and safety, and psychology.
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
    A common theme which underpins our research is a concern with the impact of that research on the environment, society and economy in which we live on a regional, national and global scale. Our research seeks to make a positive difference to people and environment for our nation and the world through science and technology.