Faculty of Education and Arts

Kathryn Avery

CRCAH doctoral candidate


Peril in the near north: Australian responses to the Japanese threat during the 1930s (working title)Kathryn Avery

Kathryn is an HDR student whose research interests include pre-WWII Australian-Japanese relations, Australian-British relations, and Australia’s policy of appeasement. With a particular focus on the Lyons government’s fear of a Japanese invasion leading up to WWII, Kathryn’s PhD thesis will examine its efforts to curb Japanese aggression, from within the context of British Imperialism and the wider international crisis of the time.

Through an analysis of Japanese representations in the Australian media and popular culture during these years, Kathryn aims is to test the attitudes of the general Australian population towards the Japanese, to determine whether or not they aligned with those of the government.

Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in History (Deakin Uni) and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Sociology (Deakin Uni). She has been working at Federation University Australia/University of Ballarat since 2005.