Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP)

Dr Corey Joseph


Dr Corey Joseph is a biomechanist at Monash Health, and Research Fellow at ACRISP.  Corey completed his PhD at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne where he investigated the effect of muscle damage, and repeated loading on musculoskeletal stiffness and Achilles tendon biomechanics. Following the completion of his PhD, Corey had a postdoctoral position at the Centre for Exercise and Sports Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, where he worked on research around the triage of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Dr Joseph completed his bachelor degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Deakin in 2005, and he then went on to complete an Honors degree at the Australian Catholic University in sports biomechanics in 2006.

Corey currently works as a biomechanist in the Clinical Gait Analysis Service at Monash Health's Kingston Rehabilitation Centre where 3-dimentional motion capture is used to analyse the gait of adults and children.  The gait service sees up to 12 different neuromuscular conditions, and Corey has a keen interest in the use of different interventions, such as orthoses, and the effect they have on gait.  Corey is also a Research Fellow at ACRISP where he is working on insurance claim data and community-level sport.  Corey also has an interest in injury prevention in Australian football, hockey, netball, gymnastics, and cricket.