Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP)

Matthew Shumack

Matthew Shumack dreamed of combining his research interests and passion for snow sports, and couldn't imagine his luck when that exact opportunity was on offer. ACRISP is one of only 4 IOC supported sports medicine research centres worldwide. ACRISP has research collaborations with the other three centres giving us access to the world's best, so it has been possible to directly link Matthew's project to the work of some of the world's leading snow-sport researchers in Calgary, Canada.

"For me to be able to combine my love of quantitative research, student life and snow-sports is a dream come true. The move to ACRISP for my PhD studies means that this is highly possible. For me, this is an excellent opportunity and the possibility of combining some study internationally, and across two of the leading sports medicine research centres worldwide, within the PhD program has me pinching myself daily."

Matthew officially joined ACRISP while developing his snowboarding skills in the Kootanays in Canada. He is now researching the Australian contribution to snow sport injury literature, with a view to contributing new and unique perspectives to the field. He feels that with more evidence-based research into safety on the mountain, not only will fewer people be injured through providing safer environments but more people will be encouraged to participate in snow sports and add to the sporting culture he is passionate about.