Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP)

J Prasanna Gamage

Prasanna Gamage is a second-year PhD scholar at ACRISP, originally from Sri Lanka. He has a background in clinical sports medicine and joined ACRISP in 2016 to develop his research skills and knowledge in the areas of injuries in sports and prevention.

Prasanna's main research focus is on injuries and illnesses among junior cricketers. One aspect of his PhD studies involves investigating the incidence and nature of musculoskeletal injuries and injury risk among junior cricketers in Sri Lanka. His PhD also investigates the effects of Exertional Heat Illnesses (EHI) during cricket play, and aims to identify aetiological factors associated with developing EHI.

"I am indeed fortunate to have this excellent opportunity to work with the ACRISP team of world leading experts in sports injury management and prevention. I am determined to make full use of this opportunity to contribute to injury management and prevention not only in cricket, but all sports."

Prasanna's PhD studies are supervised by Prof Caroline Finch, Dr Lauren Fortington, and Dr Alex Kountouris.