Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP)

Carolyn Staines

Carolyn Staines brings to ACRISP a research background in psycholinguistics and injury epidemiology. In 2013, Carolyn completed a program of research exploring the history of drowning deaths in Victoria, Australia, during the 19th and 20th centuries. The results of this research aimed to inform the prevention of drowning deaths in contemporary developing communities, where the greatest burden of drowning deaths is experienced. In joining the ACRISP team as a PhD student, Carolyn is seeking to bring her diverse research skills to the prevention of sports injuries.

The prevention of sports injuries is usually conducted within a research framework that identifies the nature and causes of the injuries. These findings are used to inform the development of prevention strategies, which, ideally, when implemented will prevent the occurrence of injuries or reduce their severity. However, this path from research to injury prevention is not simple, with many barriers and processes impacting along the way.

With a strong interest in communication, Carolyn aims to focus on one aspect of the sports injury prevention pathway – sports injury prevention policy. She will be exploring the processes that affect the main stages of policy: policy formulation, the implementation of the policy in a real-world setting and evaluation of its effectiveness.