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Ranjbar Pouya, Kaveh

Email: k.ranjbarpouya@federation.edu.au

Room: 4W

Phone: +61 3 5122 8501



Kaveh Ranjbar Pouya is a Ph.D. student at the Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Engineering Research Group (GHERG), Federation University Australia. He started his Ph.D. in 2014 after he was awarded a Federation University Postgraduate Research Scholarship. His Ph.D. research project focuses on advanced techniques for the evaluation and simulation of cutter soil mixing. Kaveh received his BS and MS degrees in civil engineering and geotechnical engineering from the University of Guilan, Iran, in 2010 and 2013, respectively. He ranked the first in his master program. His master research project was about the application of random field theory in geotechnical engineering problems.


BS Civil Engineering The University of Guilan, Iran
MS Geotechnical Engineering The University of Guilan, Iran

Research Topic

Advanced Techniques for the Evaluation and Simulation of Cutter Soil Mixing

Supervisors Dr Ali Tolooiyan & Professor Rae Mackay
Industrial Partners BAUER GmbH., Germany & Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd., Australia

The main part of the current research is to investigate the effectiveness of CSM using lime (or lime/cement) in the stabilisation of Coode Island Silt (CIS) by studying the improvement of strength, stiffness, permeability, and durability of treated soil. Also, this study aims to develop and apply advanced numerical techniques to evaluate and simulate the CSM process. One of the most challenging issues for CSM applications is to optimise the amount of injected slurry. Conventionally, most mixing practices resort to laboratory testing. However, it seems impossible to capture the real mixing pattern in the lab as CSM cutter wheels are different from the typical lab mixers. It is believed that an advanced numerical method can more accurately simulate realistic mixing and disaggregation of soil particles.