Faculty of Education and Arts

Roger Donnelly

CRCAH doctoral candidate 


Scheyville NSW – a case study in history, memory, and politics 


In this project Roger analyses the changing uses of the Scheyville NSW site. Scheyville, originally known as Pitt Town is in the Hawkesbury Region of NSW. The surrounding area has been under intense pressure since the 1980s as Sydney's population pushes westwards towards the Blue Mountains. The period 1973-1996 saw successive governments push to develop the site. Proclaimed National Park in 1996, the changing uses of the Scheyville site reflect a variety of political decisions and social forces that mirror the evolution of Australia's cultural heritage. 


The Scheyville Experience, The Officer Training Unit Scheyville 1965-1973, UQP, 302p. 

Stick It Up – Stick It Right Up, (the lives and laughs of Australia's Test Cricket Umpires), 240p, 2010, self published 

Regionalism in Hobart's Public Architecture Since 1960, 1992, held in the State Library of Tasmania at Dewey Class No: 725.09946/223