This Self-sustaining Regions Research and Innovation Initiative will explore new ways of strengthening regional well-being and driving regional rejuvenation. The Collaborative Research Network for Self-sustaining Regions Research and Innovation Initiative contains three major elements of research.

Element 1: Regional Science and Technological Innovation

This element, through applied optimisation, informatics and systems modelling researches regional manufacturing and production systems, energy sources, telehealth, technologies, and products; and will recommend commercial applications and capacity-building relevant for regional rejuvenation.

Element 2: Regional Social and Educational Connectedness and Health Innovation

This element investigates and contributes to regional “well-being” by addressing social, educational and health aspects with emphasis on youth connectedness and engagement, and rural worker health.

Element 3: Regional Landscape Change

This element explores historical and future landscape change and ecosystem services and resilience – biodiversity, conservation, as well as land use and planning – in order to equip regions and regional communities to adapt to environmental change in economically-viable and environmentally-sustainable ways.