Collaborative Research Network (CRN)

Competitive pool


The CRN initiative is resourced by the Commonwealth Government, Federation University Australia, Deakin University, University of Melbourne, and Monash University. Most of these commitments are to salary and small operating budgets of researchers, with a small portion covering costs of coordination.

From time-to-time, a small pool of CRN funds will be set aside by the DVC (Research & Innovation), Prof Frank Stagnitti, to support the productive and promising collaborative research initiatives that align with the goals of the CRN.

FedUni researchers wishing to apply to this 'competitive pool' can download the guide and template (pdf, 170kb)


The CRN Coordination and Budget Committee (Committee) is responsible for evaluating applications, allocating funds, and monitoring the delivery of the agreed outputs. This Committee meets on the 20th of each month, or the nearest business day.

The Committee is comprised of Professor Frank Stagnitti (Chair), Prof Rob Wallis, Dr Peter Vamplew (Element 1 Leader), Prof John Smyth (Element 2 Leader), Prof Peter Gell (Element 3 Leader), and Prof Fadi Charchar.


For an application to be considered by the Committee it must:

  • Be in the name of a Federation University Australia researcher.
  • Demonstrate a substantial collaboration with a Monash, Deakin or Melbourne university researcher.
  • Be sponsored by one of the Element leaders and circulated by that element leader to the Committee at least 5 working days prior to a scheduled meeting.
  • Provide a statement that addresses each criteria listed below.
  • Provide a credible plan for acquiring 'new' matching funds, if an application is over $5,000.

Applications will not be considered:

  • That request teaching relief.
  • That require 'salary' be paid (including for example, to a research assistant, field technician, or laboratory assistant) except on a short-term sessional basis.
  • Directly from HDR students. The supervisor must submit on their behalf.
  • That request funding for regular collaboration activities already supported via the 'CRN seeding grants'. Seeding grants have been provided to FedUni CRN element leaders, research leaders, direct supervisors of Research Fellows, and Research Fellows recruited directly to the CRN.

Submission dates

Applications will be considered by the Committee at the monthly meetings (scheduled for the 20th of each month, or nearest business day).

Element Leaders must circulate applications to the Committee at least five business days prior to each meeting.