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Legal risk management of adverse health outcomes and injury in the fitness industry (the AFIRM project)

Prof Caroline Finch is a chief investigator on an ARC Linkage Project which is undertaking research into understanding injury risk management in the Australian fitness industry and incidents in the led outdoor activity domain. The aims of this project are to:

  1. Develop new best practice benchmarks to improve safety in the fitness industry and reduce the risk of adverse health and injury outcomes;
  2. Design regulation and safety practices to advance the achievement of those benchmarks; and
  3. Develop training materials for industry use related to those benchmarks, with the objective of increasing safety, reducing the risk of adverse health outcomes and injury, and decreasing the prospect of adverse legal liability outcomes.

The project is led by Prof Patrick Keyzer from Bond University (Bond), and includes research partners from Bond, Federation University Australia and the University of South Australia. Industry partners are Fitness Australia and Sports Medicine Australia.