Professor Johanna Wyn

Research Leader

University of Melbourne

Professor Johanna Wyn brings extensive experience in youth studies to her research projects with the CRN, in which she is looking at the experience and behaviour of young people in regional communities.

Professor Wyn has written numerous books on youth and at the University of Melbourne, she has made important contributions to youth studies in her role as director of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Youth Research Centre.

In partnership with the CRN, Professor Wyn is investigating the experiences of young people in a regional community who are experiencing disadvantage, and the implications for young women in a regional community of engaging in behaviours considered risky.

Another significant area of research for Professor Wyn has been the lack of family friendly workplace policies for women in Australia, leading to low participation rates.

“When we started this study in the early 90s, young women who had gained tertiary qualifications were the most likely of any social group to put the highest priority on gaining a career position,” she says.

However, the majority of these same women are now no longer participating in the workforce. In fact, 13 years after leaving secondary school, full-time employment for women is inversely related to level of educational qualifications.

Professor Wyn’s areas of research help CRN fulfil its commitment to explore the causes and consequences of social and educational disconnectedness and poor health in regional communities.